Bill Gates Buys $8.7 Million Wellington Florida Estate

Microsoft founder Bill Gates famously promised to withhold billion-dollar inheritances to his three children. The software king who donated $38 billion of his fortune to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants his kids to go get a job just like everybody else. But forget the idea that Gates is a “Daddy Dearest” tyrant. The world’s second-richest man does concede that his kids aren’t exactly deprived. Hence we now hear of the purchase of an $8.7 million house in Florida, all to facilitate the good life while oldest daughter Jennifer Gates trains to be a champion horse jumper. According to South Florida’s Gossip Extra and property records, Gates now owns a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom Mediterranean-style place in Wellington, Fla., that the family has previously rented during last year’s Winter Equestrian Festival. Documents associated with the trust that made the deal show that the property was paid for in cash, or, in the case of this Seattle-based, multi-billionaire: Pocket change.